Provent Therapy Review

Provent therapy is being advertised as the greatest development in obstructive sleep apnea treatment in over twenty years, and is said to be effective in mild, moderate and severe OSA. It is heralded as an alternative to CPAP and it has been endorsed by many patients, although at present it is a prescription only therapy.

What is Provent Therapy?

Provent therapy is a device that attaches to your nostrils. It’s disposable and tiny, making it convenient and discreet. There are no wires, machines or batteries needed, making it the most portable sleep apnea therapy device on the market. The device itself looks like two small plasters with a plastic section in the middle, and you stick a device onto each nostril. The devices stick to your nostrils with hypoallergenic adhesive.

How does Provent Therapy Work?

Obstructive sleep apnea causes narrowing of the airways. The Provent device uses a micro valve design which keeps the airways open by creating pressure. When you inhale normally, your airways are relatively unobstructed. When you exhale, the micro valves on the device close which increases resistance. This in turn causes expiratory positive airway pressure, which keeps the airway open allowing you to inhale again. It works in much the same way as a CPAP machine, except there is no external machine; your own breathing creates the pressure needed to keep your airways open.

Provent Therapy over CPAP

Many users of the Provent device applaud the fact that it is so unobtrusive. It’s a small device and is only as noticeable as a nasal strip. It needs to be worn every night, in the same way as a CPAP device, to gain any long-lasting noticeable effects. Patients enjoy the fact that they can travel with the device very easily, without any wires, baggage or batteries. The fact that the device is powered without battery is a huge plus point for many people, as it makes Provent far easier to travel with than CPAP. People also feel more comfortable wearing the device with their bed partners and in public, such as on a plane.

What to Expect

As with all therapies, it will take you awhile to get used to Provent therapy. Here’s how to use it and what to expect:

1. Inhale through your mouth or through your nose, whichever is more comfortable for you.

2. Exhale through your mouth. If you try to exhale through your nose whilst still awake, you’ll notice the large amount of resistance felt. That is completely normal and nothing to worry about, and simply lets you know that the device is working. When you fall asleep, your breathing will automatically switch to through the nose, which will effectively switch the device on.

3. Relax. You shouldn’t engage in any activities once you’ve put the device onto your nose. Just try to relax and get to sleep. Keep a glass of water next to the bed, as you may wake up in the night with a sore throat.

4. Continue with use. The Provent device should be worn every evening for the best results. It is meant to be for single use, so make sure that you use a new set every night.

Where do I Get Provent?

You should consult with your doctor. If you’re suffering with sleep apnea and are currently using a CPAP device, chances are there will be no problem at all getting a prescription for the Provent device. You can also order a ten night trial on their website which is handy, because then you can know whether the device will work for you before you commit to it. This trial costs around $20, which makes it good value, too.

For any more information, go to their website