Hybrid CPAP Mask Review

Coping with obstructive sleep apnea can be very uncomfortable. The person is unable to sleep without a CPAP machine, he can’t travel without it, he can’t even sleep in various positions. A person using a CPAP machine to manage his obstructive sleep apnea has to wear a face mask to be able to breathe properly, but wearing a face mask is something no one would want to do especially for a long period of time every day. That is why manufacturers and producers of CPAP machinery continuously develop their models, designs, and styles to fit both the needs and wants of the consumers.

The CPAP mask was traditionally designed as a full face mask that covers the nose and mouth. This model was found very uncomfortable and stuffy by many users. It blocks the eyesight because it occupies the nose bridge, and it forms moisture inside the mask causing skin irritation. It also limits the sleeping positions of the user – it can only be worn when sleeping on the back because other positions can displace the mask. The full face mask is also big and has a lot of straps to be attached on the head that’s why it can be very annoying to wear.

A new model of the CPAP mask was developed. It was no longer in the form of a mask, rather like an apparatus directly attached to the nose. The model was called nasal pillows because the pillow-like silicone nose pads are directly attached to the nostrils. The upside of the new model was that it was less in contact with the face. The downside was that a lot of pressure was lost because it only covered the nose and not the mouth.

Manufacturers thought, “How do we resolve the problems that the full face mask and the nasal pillows present?” And that’s when the Hybrid CPAP mask was invented.

The Hybrid CPAP mask is a combination of the full face mask and the nasal pillows. It has a nasal pillow system and a mouth cover that enables the user to retain the pressure in his mouth and nose without the uncomfortable feeling of enclosure on the face. Using the hybrid mask prevents leakage from the mouth but keeps the comfort of wearing nasal pillows. This model is a real revolutionary product that guarantees comfort, safety, reliability, and efficiency.

The hybrid mask can be adjusted to perfectly fit the user. The nasal pillows come in various sizes and the mouth cover has a chin strap for a secure and comfortable wear. What’s more convenient about the hybrid mask is that it has a universal design that can fit almost any other CPAP system. Doctors and medical practitioners do not find difficulty in adjusting the mask to the other models of CPAP machines and appendages such as the hoses, humidifiers, and filters.

Because the hybrid mask is two-in-one, it has the benefits of both the full face mask and the nasal pillows. The innovative and state-of-the-art design of this model makes it not only functional and efficient, but expensive as well. Its price ranges up to almost twice of the other models of CPAP masks.

For people who are suffering from obstructive sleep apnea, wearing a mask is a very frustrating task, but they have no choice or else they will not be able to sleep normally. Good thing the Hybrid CPAP mask was created, because it gives consumers more options to choose from. Remember, the Hybrid CPAP mask is not perfect for everyone. The best way of deciding which CPAP mask fits perfectly for you is by trying it on personally to see how it works out.