Average Cost of CPAP Machines

CPAP machines are silent respiratory machines that blow air through the nose in order to leave the airway open during sleep. These machines are primarily used by people suffering from sleep apnea or hypopnea and among their benefits we can count stabilizing the blood oxygen, stabilizing the pulse and the reduction of daytime sleepiness.

The use of CPAP machines is prescribed by doctors, who evaluate carefully the type and level of sleep apnea in a patient and offer advice about the most suitable options. In some of the cases, the cost of a CPAP machine is not covered by health insurances and thus you should take a close look to the market in order to spot good prices for the type of machine you need.

At the moment you decide which machine to buy, you should consider what features you need. Some of the options include the ability to convert to foreign currents, a carrying case, ramping, an attached heated humidifier and bright colors. Most sophisticated CPAP machines obviously have higher costs and they might not be covered by insurance.

There are various producers of CPAP machines and the most known of them include ResMed, Philips Respironics and Fisher& Paykel. All these producers offer a range of devices and you should be careful to follow your doctor’s advice when choosing one.

ResMed offers the S9 range of CPAP machines, featuring climate control options, a slim design and intuitive controls. The range has three types of machines, S9 Escape, S9 Elite and S9 Autoset, all with a sound level of 24 decibels, automatic altitude adjustment, international AC input, automatic leakage compensation, DC input and carry bag. The prices of the ResMed CPAP machines varies between $700 and $1850.

Philips Respironics offers a wide range of CPAP machines, from auto-CPAP to advanced fixed CPAP and bi-level therapy systems that are aimed to improve comfort for a large spectrum of patients suffering from sleep disorders. Their newest products claim to offer a significant noise reduction as compared to other machines, being with 25% quieter than the machines produced by ResMed. The prices for Philips CPAP machines vary between $500 and $5000, according to the number of extra options included. The most basic Philips CPAP machine is PR System One REMstar “Basic”, which includes an adjustable ramp, a wide pressure range, SD data card, manual altitude adjustment and a universal power supply.

Another popular manufacturer of CPAP machines is Fisher & Paykel, which offer a range of machines as well as accessories, including pillows, pads and humidifiers that make treatment comfortable and effective. The SleepStyle 600 series features ThermoStat Technology, providing an optimal level of humidity for a comfortable sleep. This technology uses a unique type of heated breathing tube for obtaining customized humidity levels and preventing condensation. Together with the Sleepstyle 600 machine, you will receive two chambers, a carry bag, a heated breathing circuit, a filter and water funnel. The cost of a CPAP machine produced by Fisher & Paykel ranges from $400 to $800.

When looking for buying CPAP machines, you should always take some time to shop around and look for the best prices, as they vary from one seller to another. Buying online can be a good idea, since it is easier to compare prices than in traditional shops. Remember that you might need a range of accessories for your CPAP machine, such as masks, that will certainly add to the total price.