At Home Sleep Study

If you think you may be suffering with sleep apnea, you no longer have to go to a sleep clinic to be tested for sleep apnea. There are now various sleep tests that can be done in the comfort of your own home which will give you a diagnosis one way or the other.  Although a study done at home cannot give you results that are as accurate as a lab test, an at home study is the only way of testing the patient’s actual sleep patterns – plus, you get to sleep in your own bed.

Although a doctor will be able to refer you onto a sleep clinic for a sleep study, it often takes a long time for the appointment to come through and in some cases, it can take months before you get a slot at the sleep clinic. This is why some people are turning to sleep studies that can be done at home – and figures are showing that sales of at-home diagnostic tests are on the rise.

Patients are also turning to at-home sleep studies because they are so much easier. In most cases, the study can be done without a sleep technician and the diagnostic test itself is very simple. The patient can also get comfy in their own bed, meaning that they are far more relaxed and there is none of the anxiety associated with having to go to a sleep clinic.

Will My Doctor Take Notice of My Findings?

In most cases, the manufacturers of the sleep diagnostic test can send a report to your doctor that states the findings of the test. However, not all doctors will take an at home sleep study seriously. Many doctors will, but it depends on the manufacturers of the product and the reliability of the diagnostic machines. You should also bear in mind that just because you get a diagnosis from a sleep study done at home, you won’t necessarily get a diagnosis of sleep apnea from your doctor – and your doctor’s diagnosis is what matters when it comes to getting popular apnea therapies on prescription or through your health insurance.

Where Can I Get an At Home Sleep Study?

There is a huge amount of at home diagnostic tests available on the web. One of the best studies (only available in the States) is the at-home study. The test consists of a diagnostic unit that has easy instructions for the user as well as a very simple one button start/stop function. The patient takes the sleep study and then simply ships the unit back to the company using the provided paid-for postage. The information will then be taken from that sleep study, interpreted by a certified sleep physician and then passed onto you through your doctor. Start the process by going to

A study available through the website, manufactured by Stowood Scientific Instruments is fast becoming the choice of many British patients. It can record various indicators of sleep apnea and through the night it will record your blood oxygen level, your heart rate and pulse, the amount your body moves and what position it is in, snoring sound and frequency and your nasal and oral airflow. This is another small unit that simply gets sent back to the manufacturers when the sleep study is over – the company will then record the information for you, and should you wish, they will share that information with your doctor and they will make recommendations on the sorts of treatment that you need. The study is available for £235.00 from

There are other diagnostic tests available on the web but the vast majority of them seem to be quite unsophisticated. The danger with going for a cheap at home test is that you may get incorrect information that could either miss a diagnosis of sleep apnea, or that could tell you that you have sleep apnea when you don’t. If you’re ever unsure of a diagnosis or you’re wondering if you have sleep apnea, speak to your doctor.